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Below are the 10 commandments, if you will, that keep us up at night:

  1. 94% of Pres candidates that win have the most campaign money.
  2. For every $1 spent lobbying, a Corp receives between $6 and $20 in tax breaks, earmarks, subsidies, tax credits etc.
  3. 370 former lawmakers that are now lobbyists.
  4. In 1971 there were just 175 registered lobbyists. In 2009, 13,700 reg. lobbyists.  Thousands don’t even register.
  5. “You’ve got to cozy up to special interests…and that relationship has an influence on the way you’re going to vote.” ~Mitt Romney, 1994
  6. As of Jan. 24 2012, $44.6 million had been spent on Presidential campaigns.  (Almost all SuperPAC $)  Twice as much as the last presidential election.
  7. 30-60% of a Representative/Senator’s time is spent fundraising, 25% of time is spent campaigning, there is only 125 days in session.
  8. Since Citizens United (PAC) v. FEC in ’10 allowing Corp.’s the same rights as individuals in donating, election spending is up 460%
  9. In ’04 98% of groups making electioneering communications disclosed their donors; in ’10, only 34% made the same disclosures… Why?
  10. Heard of “extender mania?” Basically it is a temp. tax cut that gets lobbied for every year or two.  A gigantic dependency evolves.  Corps come to depend on the tax break so they hire lobbyists.  The lobbyists lobby the politicians and funnel money into campaigns.  Politicians have come to depend on this money so they are never going to extend these breaks further out, even if they are justifiable.


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