What is “fair share?” Is it important to you? 1

The term “fair share” is becoming the most over used term in politics.  It reminds me of “fundamental” during the last presidential elections.  Every time you heard Obama or McCain speak, they infused the word fundamental into their arguments.  Now it’s about “fair share.”  I began to think about the term and its intentional vague quality.  What does it mean to pay your fair share?  Does that mean that we should all pay the same percentage of our income to taxes?  Does it mean because someone makes more, they should pay a higher percentage?  Does it mean redistribution of wealth?

I’ve heard Obama state that the rich need to pay their fair share.  Is $250k a year rich? After taxes that number comes to about $150k .  What does it cost a family of 4 to live in any Major city in the US per year?  Do you think they should be paying more than this number?  I want to be very clear that I am not bashing Obama here.  Romney’s plan is just as ridiculous in my opinion.  He wants to cut taxes on the rich and raise them on the poor.  That’s just stupid.  What I am finding fascinating is the importance of this topic and the people who take on this conversation.

It seems very clear to me that people are more concerned about what other people are paying in taxes than they are concerned with the fact that our government is for sale to the highest bidder.  Super PAC’s are running things.  Every political commercial you see is a PAC paid for announcement.  These commercials work.  You can see an attack ad come out and the political polls change the next day.  People seem oblivious to the idea that our government is turning away from democracy and becoming a for sale item.  Where are our priorities?

Election Logic from a pessimist: Reply

Follow me here: It is a fact that 94% of the time the candidate that raises the most campaign money wins.  It is also a fact that the vast majority of money being raised is now through Super PAC’s.  It is also a fact that the vast majority of money raised through Super PAC’s are from just a handfull of donors.

Is it then logical to assume that 94% of our elections are decided by just a handfull of Super PAC donors?